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For one day last year a town in Central America was covered in 8 million flower petals in a scene which was truly sublime.

While the rain of petals over Costa Rica was all part of a shoot for a Sony advertising campaign, the beautiful display stood out in its own right for the explosion of colour. You can watch this breathtaking campaign here. Organized by international advertising agency McCann, the idea was to cover the area near the Irazú Volcano — located in central Costa Rica — with a flower petal for every pixel in Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV.

With the help of local residents, the vibrant and colourful flower petals picked from the surrounding regions, took them more than two weeks to pick the 3.5 tons of petals used to flood the streets with colour.

Watch the video.

Photographs courtesy of McCann who enlisted photographer Nick Meek to capture the colourful explosion.

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